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Action for a greener, healthier Illinois

伊利诺斯州与环境, you protect the places that all of us love and promote core environmental values, 如呼吸清新的空气, 可饮用的洁净水, and 清洁能源 to power our lives. 我们关注的是及时, targeted action that wins tangible improvements in the quality of our environment and our lives.

每一天, we see more heartbreaking evidence of the damage being done to our planet: climate change, 塑料污染, wildlife disappearing forever. But we also see the solutions all around us, practically begging us to adopt them: solar and wind power, 电动汽车和公共汽车, more walkable and “bikeable” cities, reusing and repairing stuff instead of throwing it away, 等等等等.

伊利诺斯州的环境’s mission is to transform the power of our imaginations and our ideas into change that makes our world a greener and healthier place for all.

  • <h4>全球变暖解决方案</h4><h5>A greener, healthier world requires each of us to do all we can to eliminate the pollution and practices that are warming the planet and changing our climate. We’re taking concrete steps to move us closer to the world we want to live in, including our 目的地:零碳 campaign. <a href='/feature/ile/global-warming-solutions'>更多的...</a></h5>
  • <h4>干净的水 &amp; 空气</h4><h5>When polluters break the law, too often the government fails to hold them accountable and make them stop. Over the past 25 years, our national litigation team has stepped in to file dozens of lawsuits to compel polluters to stop or reduce their emissions — resulting in more than $250 million in court-ordered penalties and pollution reduction actions. <a href='/feature/ile/clean-water-air'>更多的...</a></h5>
  • <h4>干净,绿色 &amp; 可再生能源</h4><h5>We’re promoting a bold vision of a world powered solely by 清洁能源 harnessed from the sun and the wind. To bring reality closer to this vision, we’re working with our national network to encourage campuses, cities, states and Congress to commit to 100 percent renewable energy. <a href='/feature/ile/clean-green-renewable-energy'>更多的...</a></h5>
  • <h4>保护</h4><h5>Our parks, forests, mountains, oceans and the wildlife that depend on them help define our country and who we are as a people. They need our protection, especially as bees and other pollinators die off in unsustainable numbers, public lands and waters are opened up to drilling and mining, and 塑料污染 in our ocean puts wildlife at risk. <a href='/feature/ile/conservation'>更多的...</a></h5>

由像你这样的支持者资助, we research the challenges confronting our environment and advocate for solutions. 通过研究报告, 365体育彩票发布会, 记者的采访, 专栏, 信 to the editor and more, we educate the public about what’s at stake and what can be done. Our canvassers and organizers meet people where they are—in public places,door to door or online—raising awareness, recruiting new supporters and activists, and securing funds to support our work.

We make the case for our environment and help people like you make an impact—through petitions, 电子邮件, 信, 电话和更多, all delivered to the right people, 就在最重要的时候.


365体育比分人员 work together for clean air, 干净的水, 清洁能源, 野生动物及休憩用地, 以及适宜居住的气候. Our members put grassroots support behind our research and advocacy. We stand up for the environment. 是你让一切成为可能.


Each of our campaigns aims to move us toward a cleaner, greener Illinois in a particular way. But they share a common approach. 每个活动都致力于:

把环境放在第一位. A clean environment is not a by-product of American prosperity. Rather, a clean environment is the necessary precondition for true prosperity. Through our research and public education, we’re working to shift more hearts and minds over to this point of view.

采取战略方法. We must think big and act boldly, but progress comes one step at a time. We don’t make broad statements; instead, we work to protect our treasured landscape and make a difference in the lives of people here in Illinois by building support for specific shifts in public policy.

建立在有效的基础上. We’ve won policies that have resulted in landmark growth in solar and wind power as well as cleaner air, together with our national network we have reduced global warming pollution in 25 states, and we have made cuts in single-use plastics. We know which policies work, how they can be improved and what it takes to win their approval. And we’re open to new ideas that could work even better.

一起工作. We endeavor to unite people from all across the political spectrum, whether they are farmers who benefit from wind turbines on their land, homeowners who want to store and share the solar energy generated on their rooftops or restaurant owners who are finding alternatives to foam containers and straws to reduce single-use plastics. Our 提倡 in Washington, D.C., work with members of Congress from both parties. Our 提倡 here in Illinois and our partners in other states build coalitions that include business owners, 医生和护士, religious leaders and community activists. 在一起, our organizers and canvassers engage hundreds of thousands of our members and activists in all 50 states.

Andrea McGimsey, director, 全球变暖解决方案 campaign
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伊利诺斯州的环境 staff join our national team of more than 170 researchers, 提倡, attorneys and communications experts to work together for more action and results. 查看我们的员工名单.


伊利诺斯州的环境, along with Environment America and its 29 state affiliates, are part of The Public Interest Network, which operates and supports organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to getting things done.


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